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“There were times when no one in the world cared about Avatar except us, and we were just carrying this whole thing, trying to drag it into reality, and trying to show people what it could be.”

Bryan Konietzko

From documentary Avatar Spirits

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You  started  a  new  age,  Korra.


"while it is always best to believe in one’s self, a little help from others can be a great blessing" -uncle iroh (thank you bryke, for everything)

⇒ Avatar:picspam per episode
s02e04 - The Swamp

 Avatar:picspam per episode

s02e04 - The Swamp


Anime was a mistake.

edwardrockbells asked: wan + green


                          Young Lin Beifong              
              "I'm not letting you get away with this!"
  1. Everyone Else in Fandom: *theorizes, makes awesome graphics, writes amazing fanfic, analyzes source material*
  2. Me: *runs around in circles waving arms until the next episode*

mako appreciation gifset for sarah.
happy birthday, bby! i love you so much.
thank you for everything. i’ll always be here for you! ♥

Screencap Meme: Maiko + colors abound.

Screencap Meme: Maiko + colors abound.


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Korra (Legend of Korra)