because I know the meaning and strength of your love more than anybody else


Gave you the space so you could breathe / I kept my distance so you would be free / And hoped that you’d find the missing piece / To bring you back to me

This is a belated birthday gift for bentfire. She is absolutely amazing. Always fun and witty, and beats the pants off of anyone when it comes to dreamy looking colors on graphics. Hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you can forgive the lateness. <3


Love this song. Don’t care either way about the couple really, I like superboy and I like miss martian, I like them together and I like them apart. But I love this vid.

The last dance, a slow waltz

Through a strange, strange love

A long way, way down from the start

It’s the hardest part, when day turns dark

With nothing left for me to hold

Have you ever had that feels overload where you feel like your heart is about to explode because your OTP is THAT fantastic?


No? Just me? Okay.